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hi I’m Salma


Whether you’re starting your journey as a freelancer, coach, entrepreneur or aiming for the corner office. To thrive and survive you need to position yourself with a personal brand.

Your signature personal brand is the same as wearing that favourite Little Black Dress with all the right accessories. It looks and feels effortless. But you ooze confidence and gravitas, turning heads as unimaginable opportunities present themselves. Opening the door to showing up in the world as the real YOU and living a life of freedom.

Building a Personal Brand is both a science + art. The Signature Brand formula is a tried and tested system which includes psychological hacks and practical actions.

I get it, because I’ve done it.

I used to work in IT. I had a great career – it was well paid and I got to travel all over the world. But it just wasn’t me. My degree was in psychology and I’ve always been fascinated by what drives people – and I knew I wanted to build a business helping people reach their potential. So I retrained as a CTI (Co-Active) coach and launched my coaching practice in 2003. The business I run today is more than just coaching, I don’t believe in holding back and waiting for you to work out the answer. It’s about taking action and getting results.

I was raised in a family where education, hard work, security and stability were core family values. Both my parents made many sacrifices and the message was don’t rock the boat, please your boss and don’t take risks. These values served me well in my corporate career as I worked my way up and took on interesting projects travelling the world.

Looking back at my I.T career I was pretty good at navigating my career path and made some smart moves up the career escalator. My work image was the ‘nice girl’ always willing to go the extra mile, conscientious, dependable.

Privately I was ambitious and it took me a while to realise that I was pretty naive about the politics and dynamics of the corporate jungle. Once I did figure this out and worked on my personal brand and networking my career started to step up. However, getting ahead came with a price. In a very male dominated industry to survive and thrive I needed to be ruthless, very aggressive and single focused. I’m a resilient tough cookie and I knew how to play the game. Over time I started to feel more and more detached from the real me and my feminine side. I was wearing a corporate mask which towards the end had become very uncomfortable.

I’ve always been a planner, back in my I.T. days looking ahead I knew for sure that I wanted a working life which offered me flexibility around being a mum. So rather than waiting until I was on maternity leave and then fretting I planned ahead, put some savings aside and started my exit strategy. I tested the water and started to build my training and coaching business as a side-hustle while I was still in my I.T. job.

My clients continue to inspire me and most of all, I love seeing amazing powerful women change and grow. The moment when the penny drops and something shifts. I love it when I open up an email saying ‘I came to one of your workshops 2 years ago, what you said changed my life,’ – that’s amazing. It gives me tingles down my spine. Check out what my client’s say. I want to get my ideas heard so check my press.

So what took me many years and cost a small fortune I can now help my clients achieve much faster and for a lot less. One thing I really value and you will do when you are going through change is having a community to support you through the journey. So join us on facebook.

I’m based in London, but I can work with you wherever you are.
Face to face, over the phone or via Skype. I’m also a speaker and organises events and one-off workshops.
If you would like to discuss a speaking engagement or any of the above contact me for further details.