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“Nobody puts baby in the corner”

When you connect with your personal power and imagination, the whole world opens up to you

Join my Step Up program and accelerate your career to the next level.

It’s a fact you have to work ON your career not just in it. Being brilliant at your job doesn’t mean you will be promoted. In fact the opposite, the better you are at your job the more work will fall into your inbox with no time to work on your personal PR and profile at work. Would you like to come across with gravitas and be influential?

Are you guilty of getting in your own way? Saying ‘yes’ to everything without clear boundaries or understanding the politics of why that project you took on is doomed to fail and your name will be plastered all over it.

The way to get ahead isn’t just about working hard, putting in the hours and waiting to get noticed. It’s about having a plan, making smart decisions, knowing the right people and putting yourself out there.

But most of all if you are looking at longevity in your career you absolutely need to have the confidence and art to bringing your ‘whole’ real self into your work and not wearing a corporate mask. Pretending to be someone you’re not over a long period of time will lead to stress, burn out and depression.

So you cant start putting yourself out there until you’ve worked on yourself. Figured out if the narrative or story you tell yourself about who you are and what you want isn’t holding you back. Are your blind spots de-railing you success, is there an element of self-sabotage at play. Does your perfectionist streak get in the way? Or do you know you could make a difference if only you knew how to influence and be heard.

Now is the time to start making changes and move up the escalator.

At the end of the 90 day program, you will have

  • Understood your leadership style
    (strengths and de-railers)
  • Designed your BIG dream career map
  • Work out your personal PR strategy
  • Started building a visible personal brand
  • Signed up to a big Action of your choice
    e.g. speak at an event
  • More work/life balance and less stress


  • The program includes
  • Personality profiling with Hogan Assessments
    with feedback call/skype
  • Feedback on your CV and Linked In profile
  • Fortnightly coaching calls (one-to- one)
  • Unlimited email support
  • Kikki.K journal to keep a record of ideas and actions
  • PLUS
  • Invitation to guest speaker webinar sharing their story
  • Free invitation to next chapter mingle events in London
  • AND you also get access to our Stepping Up facebook group

The sTEP up program is designed to make sure you take action. Stop procrastinating, make a plan and take action.

One off payment of £1500

3 x monthly payments of £600