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The ripple effect of workshops

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Recently someone posted in a facebook group I’m in that they’d rather stick pins in their eyes than try to work with corporates. I kinda guess why they’d say that. It’s the big ugly stereotypical view of the grey concrete corporate world. In fact when I left my corporate career many years ago I was pretty raw.

However, since starting my own business in 2006, 80% of my work, workshops and coaching has been back in corporate world. And I love it!

Here’s my take on it

Not all corporates are cold grey self-serving monsters.

By working with organisations you can create the ripple effect of how they treat people and have a wider impact on families, friends and society

It’s about you finding the right person who either has a problem with their people or business AND whose values match yours

Pitch your idea in a language they understand not ‘coachingspeak which makes you sound like you’ve swallowed a montage of Hay House bestsellers.

Don’t do this in your workshop pitch!

Talk about…

being soulful

I’ve met lots of kind, empathetic and successful leaders that care about their people. But they have to sell your idea to the business and not all businesses are ready for that kind of language.

This doesn’t mean your workshop doesn’t incorporate all those values…it’s how you package it


A client recently contacted me to facilitate a rollout of a global sales coaching workshop for sales managers. The existing sales managers are inexperienced and are being far too aggressive with their team.Targets are being missed and staff retention is painful.

My contact and I hit it off and ‘got’ each other but we both also knew a word like ’empower’ or ’empathy’ would never be signed off as a workshop title by VP of Sales.

So instead we came up with the following title;

‘Building a strong brain for competitive advantage’

And sold!

My workshop will be experiential, it will empower, it will explore empathy BUT had I led with those words the doors would never open.

Do you want to learn how to design and deliver a Soulful Sold Out Workshop?

Here’s the link to enroll