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Does it ever feel as if you’re always in a hurry?

The real driver to become a coach was the dream of work/life balance and although you have more flexibility you find yourself working around the clock. Balancing the time between, delivering coaching, running workshops, designing and creating material…plus getting new clients and marketing no wonder life feel like a complete hurry wagon. How can you stop hurrying and start loving your life and being more spontaneous?

Explaining what this actual means, recognising the signs and how you can overcome it.

Are you somebody who sometimes feels that you’re missing out on the bigger picture?

Are you someone that thrives on deadlines, who talks fast and eats fast?

Do you get impatient with slow people, constantly checking the time throughout the day – you love juggling and get lots of things done.

Are you someone who sits down at night and feels really guilty?

We tend to push everybody along so that they get stressed out by being around us. Do you recognise this in yourself?

This is called a hurry-up driver.

What is a Hurry Up Driver?

This is their personality and it’s how they see the world., it’s pretty much routed in your childhood. Once we peel back the layers we discover that we aren’t hurrying up because we wanted to get something out of it, it’s not the event it’s the unconscious internal pressure to do things in a certain way so that you feel OK and to satisfy a need to feel OK about yourself.

This hurry up can be positive it can get stuff done it can help you be efficient but the downside if you’re hurrying all the time you can get anxious stressed out, tired but wired. If you are constantly on the go you get health implications. Eventually our bodies will say enough is enough and we can’t take anymore.

Rather than have this need to feel OK met by hurrying up, is there another way you can feel OK? In know as a coach balance is front of mind but do you practice what you preach….?

Some suggestions are: –

  • Take emails off your phone. You can still do your emails later and the world doesn’t stop. The plus side instead of looking at emails you can read a book or watch the world go by.
  • Leave your phone at home! No texting, no messaging and time seems to slow down. Be in the moment – leave the phone at home turn it off, turn social media off your phone, turn notifications off. You can catch up later.

Which habits do you have that you can replace?

Recognise in yourself when you get into the hurry-up mode. There is no need to have hurry up on a weekend with the family. When you feel this creeping in, say “Its OK not to hurry all the time” out loud and it catches you and makes you stop?

Slow down & stop, get mindful about that feeling when it happens and become more conscious about it.

  • Take a different route home
    • Get off at an earlier stop
    • Walk in a different direction and get curious about the environment.
    • Create situations which allow you to stop and slow down.
    • Journaling;
    • Meditation,
    • Mindfully taking a walk.It is OK to take your time! It is OK for you not to hurry and its ok for those around you to take their time, and its OK for those around you to not always have to rush.Have you taken away anything this weekend that will make you implement some changes in your life to make you slow down and be more spontaneous!

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