1:1 Mentoring Experience


 An intensive deep dive 1:1 program in relaxing luxurious surroundings and remotely (depends on what works for you) to figure out your signature program, build you personal brand, nail your niche and map your coaching business and branding strategy to get you more clients

Do you dream of reinventing your work and creating your dream life?

Are you a newly qualified coach but still working in your corporate job?

Are you guilty of getting in our own way?

It’s a fact you have to work ON your career not just in it. Being brilliant at your job doesn’t mean you will be promoted. In fact the opposite, the better you are at your job the more work will fall into your inbox with no time to work on your personal PR and profile at work. Would you like to come across with gravitas and be influential?

Are you guilty of getting in your own way? Saying ‘yes’ to everything without clear boundaries or understanding the politics of why that project you took on is doomed to fail and your name will be plastered all over it.

The way to get ahead isn’t just about working hard, putting in the hours and waiting to get noticed. It’s about having a plan, making smart decisions, knowing the right people and putting yourself out there.

But most of all if you are looking at longevity in your career you absolutely need to have the confidence and art to bringing your ‘whole’ real self into your work and not wearing a corporate mask. Pretending to be someone you’re not over a long period of time will lead to stress, burn out and depression.

So you cant start putting yourself out there until you’ve worked on yourself. Figured out if the narrative or story you tell yourself about who you are and what you want isn’t holding you back. Are your blind spots de-railing you success, is there an element of self-sabotage at play. Does your perfectionist streak get in the way? Or do you know you could make a difference if only you knew how to influence and be heard.

Now is the time to start making changes and move up the escalator.

At the end of the program, you will have

  • Crystal clarity on your BIG business idea
  • Understood the power of your personal brand archetype and how this will draw your tribe to you
  • Worked out your personal PR and influencing strategy
  • Explore the best social media channel for you
  • A twelve month plan with specific and measurable goals
  • Signed up to a big action e.g. speaking at an event
  • Had a lovely lunch in beautiful surroundings, feel energised, inspired and ready to LAUNCH!


  • An introductory call before we meet
  • A follow-up call to see how you are getting on
  • Personality profiling and archetype test


  • BONUS video masterclass on how to get comfortable making videos
  • BONUS video masterclass on how to use styling for success
  • AND you also get access to our VIP Signature Launch facebook group

The deep dive day is designed to make sure you take action. Stop procrastinating, make a plan and launch your business

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