Success Stories




Christina Bowe – VP Sales Operations


“Salma created an environment of trust and healthy challenge and I have grown in my confidence and ability to take on significant career challenges”

“As a result of the coaching I gained useful insights about my strengths as a leader and my leadership style. And even though it took an investment of time I felt it made me more productive and focused”

“The benefits are too numerous to list! Improved confidence, resilience and perspective”

Christina takes the stage and I love seeing her name in lights. Watch this space with this high flying superwoman! 

Pernilla Rissanen – Regional VP Nordics (Kofax)


“It has been a very positive personal journey together, to get to know my strengths from a new perspective and this has resulted in me stepping up and wearing a “bigger suit” and not to forget, accept myself wearing it. I can do it!”

“Promoted to Regional Sales Director (Nordic). I was filled with my own doubts like “can I really do this” “am I good enough” “what if I fail”.  Then I met my mentor Salma.”

“To have the support, mentoring, consultancy and great coaching by Salma, was a big reason behind me getting promoted again to  VP of Sales EMEA”

Pernilla speaking on a panel for women leaders

Laura O’ Malley –


“I’ll be honest I was always a little sceptical of the value of a coach and coaching before working with Salma but my goodness was I wrong!”

When we first started talking early in the year I had a vague idea about what I wanted to do and no real idea as to how I was going to make that a reality. In just 12 weeks I have a website, a growing social media presence and most excitingly of all 4 shiny new clients and a quiet confidence that this is really going to work and one day not long from now I will give up the day job and be living my dream job!

None of this would have been possible without Salma and as such I cannot recommend her highly enough, this is a really valuable investment in both yourself and your business so send her an email now and let her help you transform your business too.

Clare Bliss – O2 Bid Manager


Salma has given me the confidence and tools to achieve a long time outstanding goal, I cannot recommend her enough, she is inspirational”

“Salma is driven, inspirational and personable – everything you want from a coach”

Naureen Khan –  Government Relations Accenture


“Salma is empathetic & has an ability to support & guide with real practical solutions. She’s strikes the perfect balance between providing honest feedback whilst empowering & motivating one to find a solution”